Common Power Steering Problems

7 Common Power Steering Problems – How to fix them

A lot of innovation has happened in the field of automobile technology and power steering is one of them which has resulted in great convenience for people when driving a car. The power steering technology makes it easy and seamless for the driver to control the direction and maneuver the vehicle with minimum effort, difficulty, and tension. Overall, the driving experience has become a more comfortable experience with this new technological improvement

Let’s look at some of the power steering problems commonly noticed and the action required to fix them.

Leaking of fluid is one issue often observed with power steering and requires immediate attention and can hamper the smooth movement of the steering. A quick check to identify any fluid leakage should be done as it can potentially cause the issue and corrective action taken.

Squealing noise when starting the car or taking turns is also an indicator of a potential issue with steering or its associated parts. If there are no leakages, the problem could be due to the belt being damaged or out of position that may need to be fixed or replaced.

Stiff steering can also result in more effort needed to operate the steering. This is usually due to problems with hydraulic lines caused by leakage of fluid, cracks or fissures. Steps should be taken to fix the fluid leakage or correct the problem with the hydraulic situation.

Unresponsiveness of steering can also happen due to faulty electrical lines and circuits, an area to be checked if there are no issues noticed with fuel leakage or hydraulic lines.

Steering can be uncontrollable at times due to a damaged rack-mount which usually would have to be fixed by a mechanic.

Bad strut bearings that result in a straying scenario of the steering and wheel when driving the car, can be due to strut bearings, tied roads or a broken rack.

Vehicle gets pulled to either direction when driving can happen to uneven tire pressure and alignment issues

Since the steering is one vital part of the vehicle responsible for navigation and making changes to direction when driving, it should always be maintained in perfect working condition to avoid accidents and other issues. Hence, any issue noticed needs immediate attention and corrective steps. Constant monitoring of the function along with getting expert technical assistance is important to maintain the good condition and seamless usage of the car.

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