Car Washing, Maintenance and care

Tips for Car Care, Washing & Maintenance

A car is always a nice possession to own and hence requires to be maintained well for efficient performance. Regular care, examination and change of essential auto parts at recommended intervals are important to keep it in good condition, avoid any unexpected breakdowns and other issues.

Here are some of the simple tips that every car owner should follow to ensure smooth functioning.

  • Driving carefully, Handling with care and caution – handling the car in the recommended way is always helpful from an easier maintenance perspective like any other equipment. Operating the parts like accelerator, gear, and brake in a prudent manner can be good for long life and driving experience.
  • Regular washing – Keeping the car neat and clean is a must to prevent the dirt and other debris from getting accumulated and making it dirty. Cleaning both the exterior and interior of the vehicle is hence extremely important.
  • Waxing – Regular maintenance on this front helps the paint to remain effective for a longer period and offers protection against external influencers. The car remains shiny and looks good as well when washed and waxed properly.
  • Parking in the shade is also a good thing to do as it offers protection for the paint against external factors like sunlight and rain when left open for longer periods.
  • Engine oil and filter – Changing these 2 items at regular intervals as recommended is important for improving the performance and increasing the life of the engine. It is also required to keep the engine healthy and prevent it from external particles that can cause damage or wear and tear.
  • Engine maintenance – Getting the engine and related internal parts checked periodically is also a suggested option as it helps to find issues like leakage and other problems proactively. Sensitive components of the vehicle are also verified and issues if any identified can be fixed immediately to avoid larger problems that can happen when ignored or enough attention not given
  • Battery – The battery is yet another expensive component that needs to be checked regularly and kept in good condition. Good care can help in the battery having a longer life.
  • Insurance – Having the vehicle properly insured helps to provide the necessary financial coverage when there are repairs or replacements needed due to damages or accidents.
  • Proper servicing at recommended intervals in a professional service center and good personal maintenance is mandatory to keep the car in excellent condition and for a long trouble-free life span.

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