Top signs of engine oil leaking


Dark or brown puddles noticed under the car when moving out of your parking, engine overheating, Smoke coming out of the engine, burning smell of oil and flickering dashboard light for oil are usual indicators of a situation with leakage of engine oil.

The suggested option is to get the vehicle examined by a professional mechanic and necessary corrective steps done to fix the issues with the leakage.

The presence of dark puddles underneath the car in the area where it was parked, is a usual symptom of a leak which can result in issues with inconsistent oil levels and pressure.

The oil light indication on the dashboard is another scenario that requires attention. There may not be the possibility of an oil leak in all cases. However, It is recommended to have an inspection done and any possible issues ruled out.

Smoke coming from the engine area can be due to leakage causing the oil to drip on the parts around which if ignored for an extended period can result in the parts getting damaged.

Engine overheating is yet another sign of possibility with a leakage. The engine oil has an important role in regulating the engine temperature. Hence, any oil leakage can cause the lubrication to be affected, resulting in piston grinding with other engine parts causing the engine to generate more heat and stop functioning normally. Overheating of engines can occur due to oil leaks or when there is a reduction in the oil level.

The smell of burning oil

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is usually due to a leakage causing the oil to spill on the engine’s hot metal parts or the engine itself resulting in an unpleasant smell.

Oil plays an important role in maintaining engine health, lubrication, and regulation of temperature. If there is a suspicion of an oil leak, it is good to get the vehicle examined by a professional mechanic at a service center. Ignoring the situation with an oil leak can lead to bigger problems if the scenario gets worse, affecting the engine and vehicle performance as a whole. Such delays can result in having to spend a bigger amount later for a repair or replacement of parts.

A regular checkup of the vehicle can help to prevent and identify any existing issues and also potential problems that are about to arise, in advance. The oil filter should also be changed at the intervals as recommended by the automobile manufacturer and authorized service personnel

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