Why it’s so important to regularly change your car’s filters

Why it’s so important to regularly change your car’s filters

Multiple types of filters are used in all cars and play an important role in helping to maintain the overall health of the vehicle. Filters are usually used to prevent external particles from entering into the main areas of the vehicle and thereby help in maintaining cleanliness.

Different types of dirt and other particles can potentially cause damage to internal parts of the vehicle when not filtered out.

Almost all the cars have 4 types of filters with each meant for a different function.

The oil filter helps keep the oil clean which helps in the smooth functioning of the engine and a longer engine life span. The purpose of the oil filter is to prevent harmful particles from entering the engine, preventing any kind of wear and tear. Using a premium engine oil filter can be of benefit especially during long drives in tough conditions.

An air filter is required to keep the air entering the engine clean and devoid of any contaminating particles. It helps to increase fuel efficiency and also prolong engine life by preventing damage to internal engine parts. A clogged air filter does not allow the engine to suck up clean air resulting in major when not given attention for a long time.

A cabin filter is required to ensure that the air entering the passenger compartment of the vehicle always remains clean. The filter is required to stop the passage of dirt, pores, and other particles as part of air that flows into the passenger space of the vehicle. An important function is to keep the air that people breathe inside the car fresh and healthy. Too much dirt inside the cabin filter can result in the vents malfunctioning or getting damaged.

The fuel filter is yet another component that helps to collect all the debris and dirt from the fuel, preventing it from entering the engine and other internal parts. Even tiny amounts of dirt and other particles entering the engine parts can result in potential damage and other kinds of wear and tear. A dirt-free fuel filter ensures the smooth flow of fuel into the engine resulting in optimum performance. Lack of fuel inflow due to a blocked filter can affect the engine function since it may not receive enough fuel.

All the above-mentioned fuels should be changed at regular intervals as recommended by the authorized service professional to ensure the good condition and optimum performance of the vehicle.

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